Wednesday, July 30, 2014

PSLE Mathematics #2

PSLE Mathematics #2 |

Durians cost $18 per kg. Find the cost of several durians that weigh a total of 5.9kg |

Together with calculations such as Find the value of 1 + 2 x 3 : 4, such one-step problems are the most basic tasks in PSLE Mathematics. Every student must be totally proficient in such tasks by the end of Primary 6. These tasks are to be done without the use of calculators.

Mental strategies are preferred - 5kg cost $50 and $40 or $90. 6kg cost $108. 0.1kg cost $1.80. $108 subtract $2 add 20 cents, for example.

More mental strategies strengthens number sense and metacognition, necessary for challenging problems.

Today's task is inspired by the durian stall near where I live. It is currently in season.

PSLE Mathematics #1

PSLE Mathematics #1 | By the end of Primary 6, students must be able to solve 2-mark problems like this ..

Kemar is 1.93 m and is 2 cm shorter than Usain. How tall is Usain? |

Students who are struggling with Maths should focus on becoming competent in basic tasks such as this one. Often you get both marks for a correct answer but an incorrect answer with a correct method such as 193+2 or 1.93+0.02. Pity students who were told look for keywords, shorter means subtract! Look out for more PSLE guidance as the national examination draws near.

Today's problem is inspired by the on-going Commonwealth Games.